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Conversation Between Tanro and cletusberontwood
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  1. Tanro
    April 10th
    I just bought a 190lph to go in the new car. I traded my 2g to Ryan for his 1g awd auto. Through it up on here though, or stick it on Evo-M if your on there.
  2. cletusberontwood
    April 10th
    Hey, just seeing if you want the pump from my IX. It's out and ready to go...
  3. Tanro
    March 22nd
    Okay, I am not looking to need to run an aftermarket regulator unless/until I upgrade to a holset. I should be able to nearly max out the 16g on an evo pump.

    Just hit me up when your ready to sell em.
  4. Tanro
    March 21st
    How much are you asking for just the pump, I have someone who want's 80$ for a set of 550 FICs.
  5. Tanro
    March 16th
    How much are you looking to get for the pump and injectors? And how soon would they be available for sale?
  6. Tanro
    March 14th
    Nah, I've got a VRSF Fmic. Just let me know how much you want for the pump and injectors.
  7. Tanro
    March 13th
    Hey just let me know when your ready to sell that IX pump. By any chance do you still have your stock injectors? I need a set of those as well.

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