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Originally Posted by EvilZ51 View Post
No a total over haul on a honda in a weekend. They are cake to work on.
You know how this goes--anything that can go wrong will go wrong. So a weekend job for someone else is a week job for me. And when you do things by the book, it tends to take longer as well.

I have to plan for every contingency in every single thing I do. If I don't, something somewhere goes wrong. Perfect example was the move to the dedicated host. Because the host didn't remember that the main reason we moved to the dedicated server was for the purpose of adding a ptr rdns entry, after the move every outgoing email was being rejected by email providers. I didn't discover that until weeks later. So instead of fixing the email issue, it actually got worse. And then I had to spend a day researching what exactly a ptr rdns entry is, how it works, what can be messed up, what the email providers requirements are, and make sure the host got it right. It's exhausting, but I can either do this with everything in my life, or just take the losses until I've got nothing left. Sometimes I really want to just give up on everything because of this. Just sell everything I own and just sit in a cardboard box and beg for money. Maybe then life might be easier.
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