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I'm with the NAVWC (North Alabama Volkswagen Club) and we're putting on a charity car show next month called Bug'n in July. I appreciate reading everyone's thoughts on this. I'd love to share our thoughts and ask for this car community's input.

We've always charged a $20 registration fee for each car entered, but we've never given away anything to registrants other than a full-color magnetic dash plaque. We do sell show shirts for $15 each. These are colored shirts that have a full color design on the front and list all of our show sponsors on the back. We'd love to give one to each registrant, but there's a lot of cost involved in getting them printed, anywhere from $8-10 a shirt. We also give plaques to 1st and 2nd place winners. These are 6x8" & 5x7" and feature our t-shirt design for that year and the class you won. Again, these aren't cheap to make.

Part of each registration fee goes toward paying for these t-shirts, the plaques, the dash plaques, printing flyers, show forms, renting the show site or facilities, and other expenses. We do search for sponsors for our show, but not to pad our club bank account. We have to pay for all the shirts and plaques up front, even before the show arrives. Once our show is over, we tally all our receipts from the shirt sales, and registration fees, deduct the expenses, and whatever's left, we give to our charity, Crisis Services of North Alabama (

Like g8gt mentioned, we do this hoping that we don't get rained out and that enough people come out to support the show. Poor turnout means we might not even recoup our costs and the charity gets zilch.

Something our club has been discussing is the idea of a "show-only" class. I'd like to know everyone's thoughts on this too. Would you pay $10 to park alongside all the other show cars if you knew you're entire $10 would go towards the charity? You'd still receive a dash plaque, and be helping a worth cause.
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