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Originally Posted by EvilZ View Post
Stupid corvette people

BTW ya'll mad.
lol. Just a heated discussion. Obviously, we're both passionate about our views.
Originally Posted by 97ramsst View Post
"Those tires are drag radials....made for racing. I knew what was about to happen"

ROFLMAO....what a douche (the guy videoing). If he had actually had a tire that would hook rather than some "dubs" on it the whole thing wouldnt have happened.
I've had confidence that something was going to happen like that too, but I'll usually stay away to ensure my safety--not pull out a camera and follow them. This would have been a whole different video had the videographer also been involved in the accident. I wonder how far he would've let the video go then...

From what I can tell, those look like some c6 wheels. And even with drag radials, accelerating on the edge of traction while you're turning isn't a good idea. The road curved, and there probably were expansion joints since it was concrete. If he hit one of those while shifting, this exact thing can happen pretty easily.
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