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now thats a lot of crap

this storie comes to you second hand. i talk car stuff with people as much as i can. i have found i think a good source of stories. he says he knows people in south alabama who have been raising chickens since chickens were first invented ( did you know the very first chicken came along just after there never was any. so that settles the question which came first , the chicken or the egg ) anyway they own dozens of chicken houses built on hills or mounds so as to ease cleaning. just push the crap down the hill. well over the 100 years or so they have been in buisness they have never gotten rid of any equipment as it wore out . they just push it down a hill and eventually it got covered in chicken crap. then when the landscaping buisness began to boom so did the buisness of sell chicken crap enriched soil. these people had 100 years worth pilled up. selling for far better profit than chickens ever did. but about every ten feet or so they dug they would uncover some kind of vehicle that was burried. some all the way back to the twenties. model A& T cars and trucks . tractors with steel wheels cars from the 30s , 40s and up. of cource nun were fixable as bird crap is very corrosive . but still probably neat to see stuff like that
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