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7M-GE goes in today! :D

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Naw Jimmy is a fellow car enthusiast. He used to wire up the GPS systems and stuff like that. He is a good buddy of mine. But I'll have a talk with Scott soon. Right now I'm on 3rds so I sleep during the day and I get Saturday and Sunday off. If I got the gas to spare I'll head up there Saturday and have a few words with him. Either way I say do what you got to do and handle your business. By all means he is no friend of mine, I just know the guy. I'll tell him I looked the car over as well and watch his eyes get big and dare him to call me a lier lol. If I got to I'll call Jimmy and get his 7 ft tall butt down there hehehe. I'll see what I can get done for you man. I think either he can give you your money back or go out of business. I actually had a car lot shut down because they told me the timing belt had been changed and all this. I get like 2 miles away and the belt snapped I bent 5 valves and he wouldn't give me my money back. He would only pay for half the repair. I doubt he did that cause the mechanic was a friend of his doing it out of his house. Come to find out the motor had been replaced and someone didn't even do it right. So I told everyone I could, even call up local radio stations just to chat in the am and throw it in there about the business and actually parked the car infront of his lot spray painted with "JUNKER". I didn't park it on his property so he couldn't do anything about it. With in a month of all of this he was no longer in business. So yeah the more you do the faster they will go down.
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Its ok. I figure as long as I am being talked about I will never be forgoten. Besides, let them talk cause Haters make me famous!lol
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