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Originally Posted by DreDay256 View Post
I was joking. Thus the "lol,"

Restos are usually money pits. Been there several times & vowed never again.
Hot Rods spend an ass load on work. Its immaculate when finished but takes 3 generations to complete. What fun is that? Prime example is my neighbor. He started a yr before me doing a Baracuta. Frame off resto. In 2 yrs Ive completed full custom paint w/ murals, painted wheels, custom interior w/ fiberglassing & airbrush, bagged w/ full digital controls and what many say is the loudest daily system in N. Alabama. Now I just laugh when I lift my car to ride off & look at him still cleaning his firewall & searching for rare interior pieces. lmao.

So, like I originally said, yea these 2 can definitely sink that much into a ride. But for what, I dont know. The forever builds werent for me. I wanna get it built & enjoy it. If Im putting that much into a ride Im gonna make people say "DAMN!" Not just, "Thats real nice.."
Let's watch the language and keep things civil. We're all enthusiasts here.

I can see where the 'forever builds' aren't for everyone. But for some, that's actually the part they enjoy. Different strokes for different folks. And it's all good.
Don't hate...appreciate
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