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With the HP in mind, what are the supporting mods to get you there?

Like fuel, pistons, rings, crank, rods/bearings, turbo size/brand, injectors, rail, intake, fuel line size, pump?

Head work, valve size/brand, who is doing the work?

This car a six speed or are you going with a auto built 400?

If its a V160, what clutch are you going to use?

One piece driveshaft?

You keeping the power steering and AC components?

What management system? I have a HKS Fcon for sale if you are interested. Cheap.

Sorry for the questions, just curious.
1992 Lexus SC400 also known as "Sleeper", 1JZ swap, BW S366, Built R154, ACT clutch, Lightened Flywheel, MINZ fuel pressure reugulator, AEM gauges, AEM V2 standalone, HKS slip on, HKS BOV, and much more...
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