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I have read really good things about the ProEFI. I didn't even look at this when I was doing my car. I went with the AEM V2, but when Windows 8 came about, I upgraded my laptop to it. I didn't know that the software on the V2, wasn't compatible with it. I couldn't make any changes to it, which kinda sucked for many months, but the overall added changes were a huge improvement. Much needed. After all said and done, I am still happy with the reliability and very minimum issues with the car, since the completion. GL on your build man, I will be checking back pretty often. If you ever need a lending hand, I would like to come over and wrench on a MKIV. Of course with gracious approval. LOL
1992 Lexus SC400 also known as "Sleeper", 1JZ swap, BW S366, Built R154, ACT clutch, Lightened Flywheel, MINZ fuel pressure reugulator, AEM gauges, AEM V2 standalone, HKS slip on, HKS BOV, and much more...
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