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2k2 6 Speed Transmission Fix/Upgrade (picture heavy)

Disclaimer: If you attempt any of what you see from my post, you do so at your own risk. The following is a summary of my experience.
The Car: 2002 Maxima SE
Transmission: 6 speed, HLSD, RS6F51A
Mileage: 174,000 mi. (approx.)
Situation: November 1st, 2014. I jumped in the Maxima, running late to a funeral in Tennessee. Pushed clutch to floor and started it. I could not get gear shifter out of third gear no matter how hard I tried. Something was obviously broken in the transmission.
After a lot of online research, I purchased a 29,066 mile 6 speed, HLSD transmission from a 2006 Nissan Sentra Spec-V (p/n RS6F51H) from Kindly gentlemen cargo shipped it from a junkyard in Arkansas to my door step in North Alabama for $XXX (will update when I remember it). The following were the only differences in the two transmissions: (1) bellhousings were different, (2) final drive ratio were different (3.812 vs 4.133), (3) Maxima 1st & 2nd gear dual synchro, SpecV - 1st gear dual synchro, 2nd gear triple synchro.
To Do List:
(2) On RS6F51H transmission, swap to Maxima bell-housing
(3) On RS6F51 transmission, swap out SpecV final drive for Maxima final drive
(4) While Im at it, install Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel and RalcoZ Lightweight Underdrive Pulley

Resources: MT.pdf
Sentra SpecV Transmission As Received:

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