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Originally Posted by 1 BAD Z View Post
Ill bring my porche ... ahem... I mean Z. Lol if I hear it called a Porche one more time...
Do it. (Make Jeff S. come in his Z as well, haha!) This is an Evo meet but doesn't have to be strictly "Evo only." Hopefully some of the Subaru guys will come. I will have my Evo and I know two other (new guys with Evo's -- Envy and another guy) are going to show. Samir with the Porsche. A few of my other Evo friend's from out of town are going to try and make it. Not a huge meet but it will be good networking for everyone.

Anyone who drives, appreciates...and even competes with the Evo is welcome.

We might even have a group hug at some point.
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