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Fast and Furious in Huntsville!

What’s the big deal about the Fast and Furious movies and why do they grab so much attention??
The 6th installment of the Fast and Furious movies is set to open on Friday May 24th across the nation and car guys will race to see it! (Pun intended) If you have to ask why, you most likely don’t get it. The current episode stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Vin Diesel, and Paul Walker and many of the other regular cast from the other five movies.

For those who may not understand the craze for these movies, lets go down the list of reasons why they are so popular; Fast cars, Hot Girls, Street Racing, Car Chase’s, and Big name stars………ready to go see it yet?

To me the reason that these movies have been so cool for the car guy is that the ordinary car enthusiast can escape into a dream world of underground street racing and car modifying that is so addictive. Having an unlimited budget for upgrades/mods on your daily driver would be awesome, but how many of us can realistically do that?? (That’s what makes it fun to watch and play the “what if” game)

Have you noticed how the cars that are featured in each of the movies have instantly become “sought after” rides?? I mean just go back and look at the early movies and the cars; they made every young man want to go get a 1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS or a 1994 Toyota Supra because those were the rides they drove in the 1st Fast and Furious movie. These cars even have a title that seems to define what they are and just how much they mean to the owners. The buzz word for these cars or the guys themselves is “Tuner”. This term seems to define the younger generation that is so serious about their cars and love to show them off.

The term “Tuner” as defined by urban Dictionary: “A small/small medium car of the compact/compact sedan/compact sports breed, i.e. foreign makes such as but not limited to Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi vehicles, that have been modified with various after-market parts in an attempt to make them better, faster, and more appealing to other owners of cars of the same type and style”.
I must admit that the Tuners these days have taken modifying to the next level……..I seriously enjoy seeing them and the ingenious ideas they come up with and those candy coated paintjobs they have on their cars will make you drool.

Another car featured in these movies is the 1970 Dodge Charger that is driven by “Dominic” (played by the actor Vin Diesel), and yes, it is a Man’s Man car!!
It has everything the true muscle car guy wants; Black paint, Big tires out back, and a Blower sticking out of the hood! This car is a throwback to the Muscle Car era of the 1960 & 70’s and appeals to the older guys who are watching these movies.

I’m not sure what new “Hot” cars will be featured in this latest movie, but I can guarantee you this, they will be copied and cloned just like all the other rides from the past few movies and sales for these cars will skyrocket!

So there you have it, the Fast and Furious movies have all the bases covered if you are even remotely into car stuff. And if you love cars/car shows/cruise-ins/etc……Huntsville is the hub for these car guy activities. During the spring there is always somewhere to go and hang out with other folks who share in the same passion you do...... (No matter what brand or how many mods)!

In fact plans are in the works to have some cars featured/showcased during opening night of the Fast and Furious 6 at a couple of the local movie theaters…….I can’t confirm what cars will be there, but I bet they will draw a crowd!

Enjoy the movie……..Joe
Thanks, Joe
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