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Thumbs up Bullet Proof F250 6.0 Power Stroke (w/ full details & videos)


Hello everybody! I am currently selling my truck over here in the mountains of Colorado. I met your Administrator Samir as we're both part of another tech forum. He suggested I come over and let you guys see what I've got as he thought it was pretty badass. Also that it would be a great place to find a home for her given your local emission regulations & year round weather are a perfect match. What I'm going to do is copy and paste my current ongoing thread here but cut into a single post so that everybody can easily get all the information at once. If you have any questions please feel free to post them here, PM me, or even email me via whitegoblin at gmail. If I don't know the answer I'll find it for you!

Original Post:

Alright my truck is a labor of love as well but not by me. I purchased it less then a year ago off an extremely nice guy who works as an engineer for the city of Fort Collins. (since he was having a baby and all his priorities changed) It's a god damn monster and well known in the Northern Colorado area. I've never lost a no prep three horn with it & it'll absolutely destroy sports cars out on 287 going between Fort Collins & Laramie. (100+) Though it's not without it's flaws and I'll be sure to list them in detail. I want to stress I am not your normal #dieselbruh, it's not a passion I'm entirely sold on it's just been required for winter living in the mountains.

This truck has been 100% torn apart and rebuilt in a garage converted into a little pro shop. From my understanding there's literally a couple thousand pictures of it and all it's parts laid out as the rebuild occurred. I didn't feel the need to get a copy of the pictures when I bought it but he recorded me getting into it and leaving as part of his collection. I'm sure the footage still exists. This gentleman literally invested all his time and money into this project for quite a while. So if you have some detailed question beyond my scope of knowledge I'm going to send him the same question and I'll let you know his response.

He's actually become a bit of a friend of mine and I've really appreciated meeting him. I'm also really hesitant to get rid of such a beast but if I'm not living out in level 4-5 off road conditions then I really don't need everything it's bringing to the table. I want to be practical in what I need right now vs. what I want. After he finished building it outside of racing with $100+ a gallon boost fluid it just sat in his shop. Having a kid changes your perspective on things like this I guess. I joke with everybody it's my race truck but honestly it's just an older truck that's been turned into something fresh again.

Bullet Proof 2006 Ford F250 6.0 Power Stroke:
-Valves & Head work done @ AMS (not in his shop)
-ARP head studs w/ Victor Reinz head gaskets
-EGR delete w/ MBRP upgraded up piles (both)
-Exhaust manifold gaskets
-Sinister Diesel coolant filter
-Sinister Diesel intercooler up and down pipes
-BulletProof Diesel oil cooler
-BulletProof Diesel billet water pump
-BulletProof Diesel FICM
-Garett PowerMax turbocharger
-Snow performance water methanol injection w/ custom cab switch
-Catalytic converter deleted
-4 inch straight pipe exhaust (downpipe back)
-OPT7 LED Headlights
-Fog lights - bottom front w/ custom cab switch
-FUEL rims wrapped in Toyo open country tires (+spare)
-All 8 injectors replaced w/ oem Boschs
-All glowplugs replaced
-Mishimoto aluminum radiator
-AFE dry type intake filter
-Kenwood KDC-X798 eXcelon deck (bluetooth+usb)
-Turbo Tachometer w/ custom cab switch
-EDGE Insight
-SCT Tuner
-Transmission just serviced
-Oil is Rotella T6 5w40 Synthetic
-Has only been ran on Team Petroleum's Ultra Premium Diesel
-Full side & back window tinting to legal limit

That was when I purchased it, I actually pulled those notes from an old email exchange we had about it. There is just no way I'd remember all those details myself given I didn't do the work by hand like I did with the studio. Now he would not sell me this truck without having a full inspection done on it before hand, out of his own pocket. It was done by BG Automotive in Fort Collins, a pretty well known shop in the region with a 4.8 rating out of 367 reviews on Google. Somewhere I still have a copy of this report w/ their photos and I think you can probably still log into their website and look up the report. They recommended I have the following work done:

-Brake system fluid exchange
-Glow plug wire harness replacement
-Rear pinion seal replacement
-Power steering pump replacement
-Power steering fluid exchange

Which after I purchased the truck I drove it directly to their shop & had all of that done. (which ran another two+) I've also continued to only run Team Petroleum's Ultra Premium Diesel in it, it's never known another station. It's an interesting experience to sit in line with a bunch of semi's while waiting to fill up. It's currently in standard mode on the chip as I'm not really a racer as much as I do get a good kick out of it occasionally. Flip your methanol injection system on, put your foot down, & it'll jump right to 24 boost and put anyone behind you without even making the chip sing. Actually I've never seen this truck even get remotely close to alarm temps even at 9000ft in the mountains climbing steep. I'm told the truck can easily do 40 boost if you change the program and really get moving but I've never done it and really never plan to. Once again, it's not like I'm down at the track running times on her.

Then there's the history and the bad. I told you it was coming. From my understanding this was a fracking fleet truck on birth, just drove around from spot to spot it didn't tow. It was in an accident, had a new engine dropped in it then was sold to the guy I bought it from. He just tore the whole thing apart anyways so it didn't matter to him. Though that means the things that he didn't care about, just didn't get touched. He cared about ultimate performance and building a solid engine. Though both doors were ??ripped off other trucks?? and frankensteined on this one. This means they just cut holes for manual roll windows and there's still automatic switches present. It's the same paint job, it looks great from the outside so it doesn't bother me at all, but like, it's a bit odd for sure once inside. The batteries tested fine at BG Auto, I had them do it twice to make sure I didn't need to replace them. They used an Interstate Batteries testing system to gather this data, did it once right infront of me as I wanted to learn. Though over the last couple months buried up here in the snow the battery light on the dash has came on, if I roll around for a bit it'll go off but they should be replaced.

I've also been romping around in true mountain AF conditions for the last six months. 4x4 high and low has been required alot. He never worked on the transfer case so I've really put some additional wear on it. It's my next planned servicing / replacement if I keep the truck. After that I've been planning to have some Bilstein shocks put on as you feel this baby while out bouncing around. Though I've not done either of those so I'd highly recommend them as planned events. The arm rest between the seats is old and got some move to it if you lean on it but still looks okay / works nice. This model truck apparently has a known issue with the dashboard not turning on at first and / or randomly flickering on you until it's warmed up a bit. There is an aftermarket part to correct this problem but he never bought it as he put in the EDGE Insight screen next to the turbo tact so everything you need is right there. Hell I've never really needed the dash immediately upon start so it's not been a problem but it's certainly worth mentioning and the part in reference for fixing it runs a hundred bucks. (i'm told) From my understanding it's a small box you just run wires into but I've never done it or seen it. There is also a crack in the front windshield now from having a rock thrown off a big truck while flying down HW287. I've got great insurance just haven't taken the time to have them replace it yet, kinda an invasion of my home now. LOL.

Also I've got it registered out in the middle of national forest so there's no emissions tests required. Though you're not gonna pass if you're anywhere hipster / progressive / clean air aware. As much as I need money right now and would love to make a sell here I want you to be fully aware of everything. This is a god damn monster truck and I've loved it. There's a spare Toyo open country under the bed for emergencies and I've got a whole heavy duty tote full of replacement parts / needs for this truck like extra filters, oil, etc. Since purchasing her I've also been running Howes Diesel Conditioner & Anti-Gel since it's been -30F out here & Howes Meaner Power Kleaner. They both came highly recommended from the guy who rebuilt it. It has a helluva huge plugin block heater for keeping you running in the cold, upon purchase he told me to have her plugged in at anything below 40F. I've tried my best to keep that standard going and she's been plugged in almost the entire winter. Two things I've observed about this, first: he was correct, you'll want to keep this girl warm as she doesn't like the cold. Second that must be the world's largest f'n block heater because even in an epic storm dumping feet of snow it'll keep the entire hood + windshield of the truck dry. Though it'll also run your electric bill up like an old thousand watt high pressure sodium grow light.

It had 222k miles on the dash when the rebuild occurred. I've put another 7,232 on it but once again it's pretty much new as far as everything above goes. He had a bit over twenty five invested all together by the time you count getting it worked on at AMS & tested for the sell to me, etc. I gave him twenty, spent another two and half on it so I'm 22.5 into it. I've never once hauled with it or measured it's horse power or changed it's mode to see what type of mileage I can get out of it. I know that sounds naive but I'm just not a vehicle guy. It's cool but until I fucked my life up I really didn't care what it got for mileage or what ultra premium diesel cost. I needed a badass truck to even make it to my cabin or have a hope of making it out if I needed medical assistance or supplies. That's what I bought. I was on the hunt for a Bullet Proof for months and even looked at a couple in Cali & Wyoming that I wasn't impressed with & passed on. This came into my life at just the right time & even from my home town. I really felt the energy of life saying yes to it's purchase. (I'll take things hippies say for a thousand) Has the official Bullet Proof branding on it which is why I suspect it gets challenged as much as it does. God damn three horns out of no where, they'll make you smile. Overall been very solid for me but probably not practical anymore. Titles clean.

Here's a picture I literally just walked outside and took:

One thing I will say is she has a wonderful whistle & a purr I'm going to miss. Thanks again for your interest!

Follow Up Post:

A couple people wrote me emails asking for videos of the truck given all I supplied was a single photo. I pulled over on my way out of the forest today while trying to find power / internet & recorded some short clips for you all. The first is a full inspection of the truck, rewatching the video now it appears I start with the worse of it then show off the better. Wasn't planned that way just there's no fancy editing or multiple shots, I used an old cell phone and literally walked around talking about stuff. Sorry if I'm a bit ramble just tired. I pop the hood, fire her up, show off the dash glitch problem as well just record the engine sound for a while. (as requested!)

Next on my way over to the closest town I stopped at a level 5 road then put the pedal down a couple times. Couple notes here: one I'm really sorry for the extremely poor quality of the video. The wind was much louder then I expected so be prepared to turn your speakers / headphones down anytime I have the camera close to the window. The rattle you hear in the beginning of the video is my blender bottle hopping around in the cup holder thanks to the roughness of the road. I could never even get close to maxing out or hitting 24 boost given it's just short runs in the dirt & gravel. I know a full performance video was requested but I'm just not anywhere I can imagine getting it up to speed right now. As you can hear me talking about in the video it's real loose out there already. Let me get back down to a normal highway / road and if you like I can record another. You can hear the whistle after shutoff at the end of the second video. Once again everybody I apologize about the shaky quality and non-scripted nature of things. Was in a rush to try and get as much internet time in as I could to upload these videos on uber slow public net before this next storm hits. #billoreilly

Bullet Proof: National Forest Inspection : Runtime: 7:19 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYrWbYVTzHU

Bullet Proof: Level 5 Road : Runtime : 3:55 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvhASlMmGzU

Also I got an email suggesting I use this thing to get into the hot shot / light hauling industry. That sound's like a great idea that I know very little about. I'll be researching that further and if anyone out here has any comments on that one I'd love to hear more.

Extra Notes In Closing:

That's where I'm at today, once again let me know any questions you might have. Also I know this isn't really the place for it but talking about trucks in a tech forum is how I met Samir so hopefully the reverse will work too. I've got a top shelf 4K Content Creation Setup if you happen to be into YouTube, Twitch, Floatplane or whatever media distribution platform is hot now a days. I'm much better versed in high end computer gear and servers then I am diesel so feel free to ask literally anything and I'll get back to you asap.

Thanks for reading everybody! Can't wait to come see your beautiful State!


PS: Got work for a pharmaceutical aseptic technician, master cannabis botanist, welder, or need a BBQ pitboss? Hit me up, I'll come check out Alabama full time!

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Good to see you on here! And yes, this is a ridiculously awesome truck that would be so home in the local scene.

I embedded the picture of it so people can see what a sleeper it is. Who knew 40lbs of boost could look so mild.
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07-16-19 Update:

Sup Huntsville! I have returned with an entire virtual tour + mountain climb test drive covering everything you guys have contacted me about. To start fresh with everybody again this is my Bullet Proof 2006 F250 6.0 XL Super Duty diesel monster truck. It's currently for sale & I can deliver her anywhere in the contiguous United States. The following is an in depth thirty minute video including a run up Black Mountain in Northern Colorado. We start out in Fort Collins then visit Timnath, Laporte, The Forks, Red Feather Lakes, & Crystal Lakes on our way.

YouTube URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EFnq1Syoac

The video is sectioned as follows: introduction, google maps trip plan, truck inspection, tire inspection, stop light w/ live consumption, country side (live), country side with average consumption, forth & fifth 25lb boost country side runs (live), highway climb (live), the Forks (monitor change), monster uphill climb to Roosevelt National Forest (average), quick Red Feather Lakes visit (average), 15mph dirt road Crystal Lakes climbing (average), & finally we reach our goal of 9200ft+ on the side of Black Mountain.

Next we take a look at the basic steps for keeping this beast roaring including it's premium diesel supplier. This part was filmed while I was doing my post-winter routine maintenance. This makes a huge difference in the mileage you can expect to get so I wanted to show off how easy it is to do on your own. Full single page parts list, pricing, delivery options, and contact information can be found at the end of the video.

I figured in the modern age of the net just supplying everything in one easy to send around YouTube link was probably the most convenient & efficient method of sharing this beast with people. If you'd like even more detail and the extended history of this truck then just read the thread you're in now. I go through everything I know about the truck and my history with it in the last few months worth of posts. (including more videos!)

Other then that I just wanted to say thanks for checking out my truck, please share it with your friends!

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