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Motorcycle Escort Of Honor for the 1169th Combat Engineers

I got this via email. I wish I was able to be there to have seen it first hand and shown my support.

"This morning it was my very great privilege and honor to participate in a Motorcycle Escort Of Honor for the 1169th Combat Engineers of the Alabama National Guard as they left for a tour of duty in Iraq.

There were about 20 motorcycles that participated in the event. Every motorcycle had an American Flag proudly displayed. The bikers gathered at the Texaco station on South Memorial Parkway at 6:00 AM. A little before 7:00 AM the motorcycles paraded with a police escort from the Texaco Station to the 1169th Combat Engineers Headquarters.

It was a bitter-sweet experience... This country has always been blessed with those who are willing to fight to protect the freedom of us all. We were there to say good-bye as yet another unit of our brave young men and women went off to war. We wanted to show our soldiers how much they are loved and appreciated by their friends and neighbors here in Huntsville.

The soldiers said their tearful good-byes to families that love them very much. Then it was time for the troops to go.

Most of the bikers were veterans who in the past had said their own farewells as they had left for war. Emotions were high. With flags in hand the bikers formed a "corridor of honor" at the door of each bus. Every biker shook the hand of every soldier and wished them well as they boarded the buses. The leader of the bikers gave the colonel a Patriot Guard Biker flag and said, "This flag is a lone not a gift. We expect you to hand it back to us personally when all of you return!"

The bikers lined the headquarters exit road on both sides with flags waving as the troop buses left. The families followed the buses in their cars as they left. Everyone was waving good-bye. As they drove by I saw a young boy sitting in the back seat of a car crying and trying to smile at the same time. He knew his father was going off to war.

We pray that each and every one of our soldiers returns to us and their families safe and sound! God bless them all!

Bob Burns"
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