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Unhappy Saw something tragic today

I was on my way to my shop and noticed a truck haulling older car bodys toward our local crusher. One of them caught my eye, thinking hmmm there goes a pretty good looking MGB on the back of that trailer,

Well I got up a little closer and noticed it was a 67 SUNBEAM that was in really nice shape other than the primer. Full body nothing missing.

SO I flag the guy down and figure I will just get him to go to my house about a mile up the road, give him around the scrap price for it so hes happy and a very rare car is saved for someone who would restore it and all would be good.

Well the guy stops and laughs at me, says theres no way in hell hes going to offload one car of the trailer for less than a grand, so I asked what are you going to do with them, he replies, making scrap metal,

SO I look at the body a little more, come to find out he has the motor, tranny full suspension and so on, minus tires and gas tank.

I offer 500 this is well above the 120 he might get at the scrap yard, but he laughs again and say "well I dont really feel like writing out a bill of sale right now so I am just going to let the scrap yard offload them with there crane.

Well I call the scrap yard and they wouldnt even talk to me about it saving for me even if I was down there as it got offloaded.

Owell I guess theres one every where you go!!!
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has no status.
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That is a shame. What a jerk. Seems like cash in hand would speak a lot louder than that. As you said there is one everywhere you go, guess you found him. LOL
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i hate people like that
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did you get where he was haulin them from???? there may be more where those came from.
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That really is sad. Those Sunbeams can be made into very nice rides. Always wanted one of those that had the Ford V8. Years ago there was one of those here, a dark green one. I had lust in my heart every time I saw it. But I was young and pretty much moneyless. Now I am old and moneyless. Oh well.
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Hmmm, Kinda makes you wonder if he was the legal owner of it, if you know what I mean. Not many people would turn down close to 400% profit to save a little time & little work.
Ed, aka Thames59
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