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Ride South Powersports Expo and Loco-x.com Freestyle Stunt Competition
Calendar: Events Calendar
April 16th to April 18th 03:00 PM to 05:00 PM
*The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
Where: Von Braun Center, 700 Monroe Street, Huntsville, AL 35801

This is a bike vendor expo, custom bike show, musical event, tattoo showcase, and bike stunt competition all in one big weekend. This will be one of the best bike events to ever hit Huntsville.

Admission is $12 for all three days. $5 for just Friday. Kids 15 and under are free, and there is free motorcycle parking.

Live remote ROCKET 95.1 FM - FREAK DADDY’S Drive Time Show: 3:00 to 7:00PM
Live Music ANOTHER FINE MESS Set 1: 7:15 to 8PM
Live Music ANOTHER FINE MESS Set 2 8:15 to 9PM
Show Closes 9PM

Live Music SOUTHERN CROSS 2:30 to 3:15
Live Music SEND MORE COPS: 5:00 to 6:00
Live Music GENEVA - Set 1: 7:15 to 8PM
Live Music GENEVA Set 2: 8:15 to 8:55
Show Closes 9PM

Live Music Joecephus & The George Jonestown Massacre: 2:00 to
BACA People’s Choice Bike Show Winners AWARDS 3:00
Live Music Jason Albert Band: 3:15 to 4:30
Taped Music from PA 5:00 to 5:55 Show closes announcement at 5:50
Show closes 6PM

For a $2 coupon off admission, click here.

See the press release below for even more detailed information.

Click here to see the gallery. Buy photo prints and gifts!
All proceeds help pay Huntsville Car Scene bills.

I was able to get in early with a press pass on Friday to find stunters Bill Dixon, Jesse Toler, King Tony, Rodney "Rowdy" Sargent, and David Boyd tearing it up while practicing. I didn't really know much about these stunters since I've been out of the loop ever since our local stunters 256north left the scene. But after researching a bit for this writeup, I have to say we had some of the best stunt riders in the nation right here in Huntsville this weekend.

Bill Dixon is considered one of the best stunt riders in the world, and his wife Destiny is known not only for being his tandem partner, but also a model. Bill was practicing his very technical and dangerous backwards wheelie scrape among other tricks. His endless circle wheelies practically made me dizzy watching. His backwards riding skills were truly amazing to watch.

Jesse Toler is well known for his long distance stoppies, and won the stoppie competition at StuntWars 2009 amidst a competitive field of stunt riders. He was not only doing stoppies right to the crowd and camera, but he could hold them for what seemed like ages. He pulled off landing a back tire on one of the light poles, and just parked there for a bit. His sense of balance is awesome and makes for very fluid tricks like his circle wheelie to pirouette. Knowing how difficult circle wheelies are, that one trick took my breath away.

King Tony is the only Harley Davidson sponsored rider and the only rider that was stunting a virtually stock HD Sportster instead of a sportbike. And the King was rocking wheelies just like the sportbikes even though the torque is completely different. He was able to do every trick a sportbike could do except a stoppie. His drifts were pretty awesome--wide and flowing with his dreads trailing in the wind.

Rodney "Rowdy" Sargent has been riding since he was 3yrs old and stunting for 7 years--he's good, enough said. He was rocking tandem stoppies to the crowd right with Jesse Toler. And his no-handed circles looked too easy.

David Boyd is no stranger to stunt riding and his bike shows it. He had the tightest circle drifts I've ever seen, and if it wasn't for a cracked frame, I think he would have been great fun to watch in the competition. I checked out some of the tricks he posted in a video on vimeo yesterday and they're definitely sick.

At one point, King Tony let Bill Dixon stunt his Sportster. What amazed me was how quickly Bill was almost doing 12s on a bike he barely knew. Brett, Bob, and Heath of 256 North told me about pros like this back in the day. It's truly awesome to see them doing it live.

Chubbz from Bike Styles was MCing the event and being the quick-witted, always entertaining, man-of-the-hour that he is. I wish I would have got video clips of him. You hear some of his wit while he's announcing, but he's soooo much better when he's just trying to sell merchandise.

Near the stunting area, the Pony girls were washing bikes while the sound got set up for the band in the evening. They posed for pictures with the bike and owners as well as sprayed each other with water. I mean, what did you think was going to happen when you give girls water hoses?

Inside, the vendors were setting up their displays while some of the early Friday crowd made their way around. And even though it was Friday, a steady stream of bikes came by to check out the event.

Click here to see the gallery. Buy photo prints and gifts!
All proceeds help pay Huntsville Car Scene bills.

Saturday I was covering car events all day, so I missed everything that happened that day. But I was able to make it all day for Sunday's festivities.

And I found some new stunters on Sunday, as well as some old friends. Brett from 256 North was there with his young daughter as well as Billy "B-Right" Wright. Brett was even sporting a now collector's item 256north.com cap. I hadn't seen Brett in a few years and Billy in even longer. It was great to see them both still into stunting in one form or another. And they were joined by Eric "E-Brake" Petite, Brian Bubash, and Nick Trumpe who were practicing for the competition. David Boyd was out of the running, as well as King Tony. Tony had already packed up and left. And probably because Huntsville doesn't know how to party, lol.

Local band Jason Albert Band was rocking the parking lot from the stage outside. It was good to see them again after a long time.

Loco-x.com pinup girl Holly was present to sign posters and meet and greet fans. I had always seen her modeling work in photography circles, but had never met her in person. Come to find out, I've known her sister for years. I always wondered why she looked so familiar. Holly was playing with her nephew for a short time, and he was getting into all sorts of fun.

I met so many bikers this weekend. And one of my wonderful new friends, Kim, was gracious enough to hang out with me for a bit and even bought me lunch! You're wonderful Kim! I didn't have a chance to get your number, but give me a call anytime, 615-512-5520. I'd like to return the favor and take you out anywhere you want, my treat. You'll also have to show me your helmet again. I wasn't able to stick around and see if they fixed the pinstriping. Photography duty called.

I ended up missing the finals of the stunt competition as I was inside shooting the bikes in the bike show, but there was plenty of stunting even after the end of the contest. And I got a lot of that on video. Be sure to check out the gallery to see them. And after the end of the stunting, fans practically mobbed the stunt riders as the event closed. Riders ran out of posters and were signing arms and bikes as well as taking pictures with the younger fans.

One of the things that I love about the stunt riders is their ability to inspire children. Most of them like Bill Dixon and Jesse Toler make it a point to let everyone know they can be anything, and to never give up on their dreams or let anyone tell them they can't.

We used to have our own stunt bike group here in Huntsville by the name of 256 North. You can still find most of their videos on 256north.com as well as youtube and vimeo. 256 North consisted of riders Brett, Bob, Cook, and Heath, with varying tenures of each rider. Currently, Brett and Heath are married and raising families. Heath sold all his gear about a year ago, but is seriously into mountain bikes. Brett still has his bikes but hasn't ridden in about 2 years. Bob is now into boats. Cook suffered a very bad car accident earlier this year that damaged his heart in such a way that he probably won't stunt ride ever again. (But that doesn't keep him from teaching!)

256 North was well known in the early years of stunt riding. They had a following on the stunting community stuntlife.com as well as a following in France. I can only imagine what might have happened as Brett put it "if we only had these events four years ago."

Brett and Bob were some of the first in the stunt world to do circle drifts on sportbikes and were probably the very first to put it in a video. All of their footage was filmed in our area as evidenced from the road signs and other landmarks. There are literally thousands of pictures and video clips of them on Huntsville Car Scene, practicing as they would do back in the day at the then known "stunter's lot". I even have a picture of me on a 50, back when they stunted 50s exclusively, as they taught me how to do a wheelie back at the old church days. Check out 256north.com and see where stunt riding started right in our own back yards.

For a first time event, obviously there are going to be things that didn't go as smoothly as they could have. But as this event progresses year after year, it will be the premiere biker event in the valley. And I look forward to covering it again next year.
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From the producer of RIDE SOUTH

Samir, Hello - found your website,

April 16-18, Motorcycle Events, Inc. brings to the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, AL a new event to kick-off the 2010 motorcycle riding season, the RIDE SOUTH Powersports Expo & LOCO-X.com Stunt Competition. The Expo is a unique opportunity for the region’s motorcycle enthusiasts to gather with friends, see the new bikes and gear, watch extreme Stunt Competition from the nation’s top riders and enjoy a showcase of local and regional bands. In the South Hall attendees will find 100s of Vendors with 1000s of bargains for every bike fan, out back in the city parking lot they’ll find more vendors, the Stunt Competition and live music. The RIDE SOUTH Motorcycle Expo also contains a Tattoo Showcase with local artists and a Custom Bike Show.

RIDE SOUTH Powersports Expo features The LOCO-X.com Freestyle Stunt Competition; this 3-day event will draw top national talent to Huntsville's Von Braun Center for one of the largest single-event cash purses in this fast growing sport of Freestyle Streetbike Stunts. Held in a parking lot behind the Von Braun Center, The LOCO-X.com Freestyle Stunt Competition is a unique opportunity for area fans to see the best riders this new extreme sport compete live for the first time in Alabama.

The LOCO-X.com Freestyle Stunt Competition begins April 16th with a Sickest Trick Shoot-out Friday Night and continues Saturday with an all-day Freestyle Routines Competition featuring 36 of the best riders in the nation. The action continues Sunday as the top 6 from Saturday's qualifying dueling for over $7500 in cash and prizes in the LOCO-X Freestyle Finals. See below for details on LOCO-X.com [Contact Reyn Mansson for photos and more info on the competitions]

This new Huntsville event includes a custom street bike and chopper show with cash prizes presented by the local chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse. B.A.C.A. is a national non-profit organization with the goal to create a safer environment for abused children. For more info visit: www.bacausa.com.

There’s also live music for attendees on an outdoor stage. Performing at this year's event:

FRIDAY: Another Fine Mess, Atlanta, Georgia [7:15 - 9:00]

Saturday: Southern Cross, Houston, TX [2:30 - 3:15], Send More Cops, Huntsville, AL [5-6] & Geneva, Nashville, TN [7:15 - 9]

Sunday: Joecephus & The George Jonestown Massacre, Nashville, TN www.jk47.com [2PM - 3PM] & Jason Albert Band, Huntsville, AL [3:15 - 4:30]
Full event schedule included.
Motorcycle Events’ goal is to have something for all motorcycle enthusiasts to appreciate and enjoy at our show. We hope to have you join us at our inaugural event this Spring.

LOCO-X.COM for all stunt competition,
Monster Energy, Turner Beverages, stunt competition
Knology Cable TV
FOX 54, Live Music
Rocket 95.1 FM, Live Music
U.S. Rider News, the #1 Motorcycle Monthly in the South
THUNDER ROADS Alabama, Biker Event News
ROCKET Harley-Davidson, featured exhibitor

Friday admission is just $5 per person; 3-day Passes are only $12 and Kids 15 and under are Free. $2 discount coupons are available on line and to all active military personnel with I.D.
TIMES: Friday 3pm-9pm, Saturday 10am-9pm, and Sunday 10am-6pm

Tickets available at select dealers.
Visit our web site to learn more: www.ridesouthmcexpo.com

Von Braun Center South Hall
700 Monroe Street
Huntsville, Alabama 35801

Loco-X.com is a leader in motorcycle parts and accessories serving the needs of all riders, from dirtbikes to streetbikes. Located in Huntsville, Alabama at 295 Cochran Road or reaching out to the world on the web at www.LocoX.com. We outfit and supply the finest riders, racers, freestylers, and beyond with all they need from parts to casual clothes with top products from companies like Fox, DC, FMF, Alpinestars, Ikon, and more. Whether your ride takes you through the dirt, over the asphalt, flying through the air, or just the lifestyle appreciated by all who have the passion…Loco-X.com is the place for you.
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Thank you very much for posting the additional information! I plan to update the event listing after processing this weekend's event coverage. It was a busy weekend.
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There's a tv commercial too:
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Here are some shots that I took at the Sunday event. I got a few shots of the final competition. Thanks again!


No spectating allowed; participate by all means.


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I somehow missed replying to your post until now, but those are some great shots! Thank you for sharing them.
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