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has no status.

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Huntsville Mayors election

I have contacted Loretta Spencer, through her campaign website, asking what her position on auto related activities is. If we continue with Battle, who's office does not even recognize the car enthusiast community, we will be spending millions dismantling JHP and turning it into a multi-million dollar facility that nobody asked for. We have a continuing need for tech types to relocate here in the area, and we tech types like our cars. We have soccer fields all over the place, ice hockey, ball fields, a midget race car facility, RC plane site, and even a rugby field now. We had diddly squat for the auto community and never will unless we start getting attention. We have to get vocal and show our numbers! I and my wife have volunteered to attend City Council meetings, representing the car community, but we are not going to go it alone. If every month a growing number of the car community showed up at city hall, eventually the media would be involved, bringing our plight to the forefront.

If everyone was to contact our mayoral candidates, let them know that the 60 thousand car enthusiasts are very concerned, maybe it would turn into an issue that would be brought to the attention of the general public via the election process. Lets make some noise!!!


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I know with all the people in the car scene, as well as some of the better connected members of the group that things could get done.

It just has to be mentioned to the right people. If we drum up some numbers I can mention it to some people in the local media that I know to gain more coverage.
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dang kids and their loud hotrods!
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rather than me go back and bring al this up ,ask samir to go back and find the thread about the cruise in. mr battle was all in before the bottom fell out. its all in the other thread.
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is around.

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I'd be game to help the cause, just tell me what to do to help.
I have a tendency to be "that guy".
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