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A&W Car Show - Huntsville, AL
Calendar: Events Calendar
April 25th 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM
*The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
Where: A&W/Long John Silver's - 2220 Sparkman Drive Huntsville, AL

Show Location: A&W/Long John Silver's in front of Wal Mart on Sparkman Drive (2220 Sparkman Drive N.W., Huntsville, AL)
Show Times: 6:00pm until 9:00pm every 4th Saturday of each month until August
Registration Fee: $10

There will be awards presented for top 10 and best of show. 50/50 drawing, food specials, music, and fun times!

Due to limited parking availability, we request that parking at the restaurant itself be reserved for participants only. Spectators and vehicles not entered into the show may park in the adjoining parking.
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A&W event

Nice event. Good music and met some nice people. Really donít understand the judging though. I would think best of show would be the whole package. What I mean is nice paint, interior, and engine bay. The car that won was a white 4 door 85 Cadillac with hydraulics. Thatís all, nothing else. The hood wasnít even opened so I would assume nothing special there.
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The car had slick paint, a custom interior, and good overall attention to detail. I didn't see under the hood but overall it was a nice car. I really didn't analyze everything at the event but it was a clean car. Everyone has opinions of what defines a show car. Having judged a few shows I honestly hate doing it because it's so hard when you just have one class. It's also the reason I rarely ever enter my car (the exception being for charity shows and even then I could care less about winning).
At the end of the day these events are for everyone to show up and have a good time. As long as you did that then who cares who wins?
I have a tendency to be "that guy".
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Ah, you seem to have confused "nothing special" with "not exactly the same thing as I like". It's sad really that some people can't respect other genres of cars. I talked to at least 20 sets of people that night that seemed to appreciate the car. You're more than welcome to come pick up the trophy if it's that important, hell I've got a few you can pick out however many you'd like...that's not why I build cars. Its for the love of this culture and good people that I meet all over the country. I would never build a hotrod, mini truck, import, etc.......but I can appreciate when people build them correctly and the work they put into them. Oh and you're right, I have nothing done to the engine. Its a stock engine with some exhaust on there, because I couldn't care any less about engines the way you probably don't care about your trunks or suspension.

Oh and btw, I have a redone interior in stock styling with patent leather/suede; full stereo system with 3 amps, 2 10s, full mids and highs; the headlights are modified from a 90s caprice, the tailights, turn signals and marker lights have all had modified with hand drilled out singular LED bulbs; all the trim was removed, stripped of it's original finish and polished out; there's a refinished to match the factory wood grain Nardi steering wheel from a 70s Jaguar; wheels were built from out of use molds from the 80s and are 88 spokes instead of the normal 72 or 100 spoke; the frame is reinforced and molded; the rear end is shortened and reinforced; the vinyl top was removed from the car and all trim/clip mounts shaved while modifying the rear window are to accept a different back window; there are 20+ shades of candy on the roof, white ice pearl over tri coat paint from a mid 2000s Infiniti paint, silver leafing covered in blue candy all over the car, as well as hand laid pinstriping; oh and I've got a hundred hours or so in custom fabricated stuff in the trunk for the "just some hydraulics" that I explained and showed everyone that wanted to ask.

But you're right, there's nothing special. My name's Jeff, I'll be around a lot. Let me know when you want to pick up this trophy.

Oh, and you're 2 doors and 2 years off......it's an 83

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Mr Jordan that is one dqmn nice automobile .. As a old man I can appericate all the hard work and money spent.
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You're wrong. I actually love mid 80s cars. I think the 85 Pontiac GP,89 GTAs, regale Monte Carlos and Cutlass are some of the best cars from that time. I was even digging on the 87 Cutlass that was there. The point I'm making is "best of show" Should be exactly that, the whole package. Please google "how to judge a amateur car show". The judging should be fair across the board and not based off of 1 persons opinion. It wouldn't be difficult to have a 10pt system for paint, interior, engine, and underside Score each car add it up and now you have a winner. People place way too much time in their cars, it's ok for the judge or event organizer to place a little more effort in the judging. I asked the gut collecting the money how is it judged. His reply was ,"If I can't find someone to do it than I'll do it." This statement tells me very little thought or care was gave to the event.

If you don't care about the awards than why pay money and enter??

I can admit I was wrong about your car, there's a lot more into it. To be honest I didn't even give it a look because hopping low riders are not my thing. So maybe that wasn't fair. But my comment on the judging still stands and a car that was the whole package should get best of show.

My first instinct was to tell you to FO, but I understand all the work you did and it's not cool when someone bashes that work. So I was wrong about your car. The intent of the comment was about the event more than your car.

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